25GA2418 Brushless DC Motor 12v24v Curler Motor BLDC Brushless Slow Motor DC Gear Motor CW CCW in DC Motor from Home Improvement

25GA2418 Brushless DC Motor 12v24v Curler Motor BLDC Brushless Slow Motor DC Gear Motor CW CCW in DC Motor from Home Improvement
25GA2418 Brushless DC Motor 12v24v Curler Motor BLDC Brushless Slow Motor DC Gear Motor CW CCW in DC Motor from Home Improvement
25GA2418 Brushless DC Motor 12v24v Curler Motor BLDC Brushless Slow Motor DC Gear Motor CW CCW in DC Motor from Home Improvement

Product Specification

Certification: CCC

Type: Gear Motor

Commutation: Brushless

Model Number: 25GA2418

25GA2418 brushless DC motor, 12v24v hair curler motor, BLDC brushless slow motor, DC gear motor, CW/CCW, with signal feedback, low noise, long life, adjustable speed, brake

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Abstract— Brushless Direct current (BLDC) motors are gaining attention these days in many applications because of their simplicity in its control and high power  ...

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A brushless DC electric motor also known as electronically commutated motor ( ECM or EC motor) and synchronous DC motors, are synchronous motors ...

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